Hogarth Statue Being Restored To Former Glory

A much needed brush up for Chiswick's famous artist resident and 'founder of English painting'

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Council contractors have begun work to restore Hogarth's statue to its former glory. The works will be paid for by section 106 funding after lobbing by Chiswick Councillors.

Situated in front of Barclay's Bank on the High Road, the statue of Chiswick's most famous former resident and "founder of English painting" was first unveiled in 2001 by Ian Hislop and "his glamorous assistant" David Hockney.

Also present was local resident Peter Blake bringing arguably Britain's two greatest living artists to honour one of the country's all-time greats.

Since the unveiling members of the William Hogarth Trust have commemorated the artist’s birthday by placing flowers there each year.

In November 2006, broadcaster Kirsty Young unveiled a new information panel next to the statue on what would have been Hogarth's 309th birthday.

The panel outlines Hogarth's connection with Chiswick and gives some insight into his life and times.

May 10, 2011