Desperately Seeking Percy

Historian seaches for friends and relatives of Chiswick musician Percy Beechfield Carver

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As part of some ongoing research for his book, Philip Mather from the Military Music Society is looking to contact relatives, fellow musicians or anyone who knew Percy Beechfield Carver.

Percy was an ex Royal Air Force bandmaster and composer/arranger of marches and much other music for military and brass bands.

He was born in Barnsley in 1880 and died in Chiswick on 25th November 1956.

His last known address was 5 Barrowgate Road.

Philip Mather (Military Music Society), 34 Malvern Avenue, Bury, Lancs BL9 6NW. 0161 763 9460, email:


Percy Beechfield Carver is in the peaked cap sitting behind the bass drum.

May 7, 2009