Black wellington brigade nets bumper haul

Hounslow Chamber's Thames Foreshore evening proves success

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Chamber members inspect their findings


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An early evening event was organised by Hounslow Chamber with the Thames Explorer Trust on Thursday, 15th September. The Trust is a registered charity that aims to promote education about the Thames and to improve access to the river for all parts of the community. They can provide unusual and stimulating activities to promote team building in an inspiring setting - the Chiswick foreshore and riverside.

On 15th September the conditions were perfect, with the tide out and the foreshore accessible. Led by Ali Taylor, Trust officer, about 25 Chamber members, armed with nets, trays and disposable gloves, explored the Thames foreshore. Amongst their finds were eels, which had made the journey from the Sargasso Sea, Chinese mitten crabs of varying sizes, freshwater shrimps, tubifex worms, various snails, zebra mussels and a leech. 51 items were found in a 10 minute search.

The event sponsor was Isleworth based Central Moves.  Sally Smith, administrator of the Chamber, was inspired to organise the event having accompanied her son on a school trip to the foreshore. ‘It was a really stimulating and fascinating day and I thought members of the Chamber would be equally interested.’

In the words of John Chudleigh of Euro-bid Watch, ‘I recently went on Hounslow Chamber’s "Explore the Thames" walk organised in conjunction with Chiswick Pier Trust and the Thames Explorer Trust. It was an informative, unusual, and certainly memorable evening. As someone who takes a passing interest in the flora and fauna along the river (commuting along stretches of it on the way to work each day from Teddington to Chiswick) I had no idea on the variety of life flourishing in the Thames until that evening. I was particularly impressed by the field trip element, where kitted out with our fishing nets, specimen jars etc. and wellies, we waded forth into the tidal mire in search of elvers, mussels, shrimps, leeches and Chinese mitten crabs. The evening ended with a fabulous buffet supper and a chance to see our captured quarry on display which readers can be assured came to no harm. I’m not so sure about the crabs, which as a pest are supposed to be killed on site!  I would like to commend Hounslow C of C for their imaginative and eclectic take on venues for their social gatherings.’

September 30, 2005