Leak in Evershed Walk Still Gushing Water

Councillors slam Thames Water for failing to fix the problem


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Councillors are up in arms over the continuing water leak on Evershed Walk which they say has been gushing for three weeks.

Residents contacted ChiswickW4.com last week with photographs of flowing water which Thames Water promised to fix immediately.

Southfield ward councillor Gary Malcolm said: "It is utterly disgraceful that Thames Water have promised to fix it and then don't turn up to do the work. Ealing Council also needs to get a grip as it believed the story that Thames Water told them, that the leak was fixed. A hefty fine is needed but that does not stop the torrent of water that continues to leak out. If I ran a company as bad as Thames Water do then I would be sacked."

Fellow ward councillor Andrew Steed has also tried to contact Thames Water directly. The water company has tweeted that they will investigate.

February 7, 2012

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