Memorial Bench To Teenager Finds New Home

Moved from Chiswick Back Common to Acton Green following disruptive behaviour

memorial bench relocated


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The memorial bench to a teenager which was removed from Chiswick Back Common in a bid to stamp out anti-social behaviour, has found a new home nearby on Acton Green.

The bench, in memory of Isobel Jones Reilly, was the focal point of gatherings of teenagers some of whom were involved in anti-social behaviour according to local residents. After a series of complaints the bench was removed by Hounslow Council. It is now located adjacent to St Alban's Church, near the playground on Acton Green. There is also a new tree at the centre of the circular bench. It now is located in an area managed by Ealing Council.

The memorial was originally installed in memory of the student who attended Chiswick School and died after taking ecstasy at a party. Isobel, known as Issy, who lived in Acton, died aged 15 in 2011.

It had become a gathering point for teenagers who congregated on Chiswick Back Common after school. There were outbreaks of disruptive and intimidating behaviour leading to several arrests. Some local residents believed if the bench was removed it would discourage the teenagers from congregating in that particular spot. Police also agreed and Hounslow Council decided to take it away.

memorial bench under a tree

The original site of the memorial bench



December 22, 2017

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