The Search Is On For Alfie

Beloved cat has gone missing from the Duke Road area


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Alfie has been missing from Duke Road (backing onto Dukes Avenue, Chiswick) since Saturday afternoon and his owners have appealed for help in tracing him.

They say he was only allowed out to the back into the gardens and he has never strayed before.

missing cat chiswick alfie

"He always comes when called (or his biscuit tin is rattled!) and we are now very very worried," says owner Helen.

Alfie was wearing a yellow collar with an ID disk and a yellow infra-red cat flap key when he went missing.

"As it was warm and sunny over the weekend he may have slipped into an open shed for a snooze and been locked in or perhaps ventured in through an open window, was shooed out of the front of the house and has lost his way."

His owners have called the local vets, put posters up in the area and registered on a number of missing pet websites including

If anyone has any information please contact 07813097292.

September 11, 2012