'Jaffa' Missing From Mayfield Avenue

"Home cat" who rarely wanders far and never misses meals

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A much loved family pet has gone missing from Mayfield Avenue. The ginger tom named Jaffa is usually a "home cat" and, when he does go out, he rarely wanders far and never misses meals. It is quite out of character for him to be away this long given the cold, wet weather we have had.

His sister, Pumpkin, was reportedly run over on Turnham Green Terrace four weeks ago, so you can expect the family is very upset to find that her brother has gone missing too and are asking for help in finding him.

He is quite large has amber eyes and has a distinctive thick, ringed, racoon-like tail. He is incredibly friendly. He wears a purple collar with a name tag including a telephone number and address.

"It is possible that he has lost his collar so don’t discount a ginger cat with no collar. He is micro-chipped but only a vet would be able to detect the info on the chip. He has been neutered." said his owner.

He was last seen on at home Monday 1st December and it is very unlike him not to be around the house.

"Please could you check that he hasn’t got trapped in sheds, playhouses or garages. If anyone has seen him in the last few days, please let us know."

If you have spotted Jaffa please email Elizabeth or editor@chiswickw4.com and we will pass on the information.

December 9, 2008