Help Needed To Trace This Missing Cat (FOUND)

The tabby vanished three weeks ago and is missing medication


Search is on for Missing Wookie

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The owners of this grey, black, honey and white tabby have appealed for help tracing him as he has been missing now for over three weeks.

His owner, Hannah, describes him as being missed very much and they are concerned as the eight-year old male is on medication. He was last seen 3 weeks ago near Worcester Drive but lives on Greenend Road.

"He had been leaving home for a few days at a time, and returning looking healthy, so we suspect he was being fed elsewhere. He was fitted with a "do not feed me" collar but he hasn't been seen now for over 3 weeks.

"This cat will purr for ages at the slightest bit of attention. He also has a bit of a saggy tummy. He's being missed very much by our four-year old."

The family have put up posters in the area and if you have any information please call: 07971886002.

June 18, 2013