Search For Mystery Punk Rock Band Comes To Chiswick

Can you help Detour Records find the missing F-X band members?

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If you have any information about F-X Detour Records would love to hear from you. Contact Dizzy on


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With the "Jon Burn" and a now defunct Chiswick phone number to go on, Brad Shepherd is searching for clues to locating a mystery punk rock band.

According to Brad, F-X has been one of the great mysteries of the UK Punk collecting scene for quite some time now. Many die-hard collectors have done a lot of research and digging around to see if the band could be found but so far no one has had any luck.

F-X appeared on the scene in the late 70s, released a "killer" 3-track EP and disappeared without trace. The record is now highly sought after and often changes hands for over £100.

Now punk rock reissue label Detour Records in trying to trace the band who they are pretty sure came from Chiswick. They are looking to get in touch with any members of the band with a view to reissuing the tracks on a compilation CD.

The 3-track single appeared in July of 1979 and appears to have been exclusively distributed by Rough Trade who had it on their new release sheet date 4.8.79. No other shop, distributor or mail order company had it at all.

Detour Record's Dizzy says "Dating the 7" makes the FX story stranger, if they released a single then, why did they not appear on the gig circuit until April 1980? This could mean there was a number of line up changes.....Originals in 79, split, new line up in 80, split, new line up in 82...this probably means the band were built round the main singer/songwriter......... Jon Burns?"

"We also heard that all the band members were Eagles, ie Crystal Palace fans. So we became signed up members of the Eagles official web site and placed several messages up on their forums. We had over 300 people looking at our request but sadly turned up nothing."

"This never ending quest then took on a different angle as 'Joe Public' joined in the search with his set of notes and i t seems the band came from the Chiswick area of London."

F-X first appeared on the circuit in April 1980 and played around London for about a year, more a pop rock act than punk they played the same sort of venues as Case and Fruit Eating Bears, starting off with numerous support slots at the 101 Club in Clapham, also the Kings Head, Acton, The Trafalgar in Shepherds Bush, Starlight club in West Hampstead, The Kensington, West London, and the Rock Garden in Covent Garden.

By the spring of 1981 they had graduated to headline those same venues as well as the White Hart Acton, Clarendon Basement Bar in Hammersmith, Windsor Castle in Harrow and Ronnie Scotts in Soho. After their first out of town dates (Manchester & Chester) in May 1981 they appear to have disappeared, only to briefly resurface in February 1982 playing back at the 101 Club in Clapham as the support act (although maybe they split in may 81 and this was a different line up). Their only claim to fame seems to have been supporting The Meteors at the 101 club.

The last time that the band were featured in the music press or were seen playing live was at the '101 Club' in Clapham on the 27th March 1982 playing support to 'Rye & The Quarter Boys'. Could this have been the bands last gig? Will we take this mystery to our graves?

June 12, 2007