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Our Lady of Grace Launches Pastoral Renewal Project & Survey


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Our Lady of Grace and St. Edward

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Our Lady of Grace & St Edward Catholic Parish in Chiswick has launched a Pastoral Renewal Project and is keen to understand the feelings and attitudes towards the parish through an open survey of its parishioners. 

Talking about the Project Fr. Anthony Dwyer, Parish Priest said, "Our Pastoral Renewal Project will last about a year and through it we hope to help people to a renewed appreciation of their faith, and to provide additional opportunities which will lead to a deeper spiritual experience through their belonging to the Church. The first phase is for us to understand what the parish means to our parishioners, which is why I have invited feedback through this survey.  The survey is an open invitation to tell us what is good and what could be done differently within our parish and how we can help our parishioners develop a deeper understanding of their faith."

In reflecting on the life of the parish the Pastoral Renewal Project will be considering the key areas of;

  • Loving God through worship and prayer
  • Outreach to those in need
  • Catechesis and Ongoing Formation learning more about Catholic faith
Fr. Tony went on to say, "It is important for us to plan ahead and make sure the plans we put in place now are sound and serve the community for the next 20 or so years ahead".

"I invite regular and non regular Mass goers, those who don't come to Mass anymore and in fact all who have an interest in our Church to take part in the survey.  The survey comprises only 5 short questions and the response will be very valuable to the Pastoral Renewal Project".  

Surveys should be returned to the Parish Office by 23 July.  On 19th September there will be two assembly meetings; 11am in St Edward's Room at Our Lady of Grace and St Edward Church and 8pm in the Parish Centre 2 Dukes Ave, Chiswick.  The Assembly will review and discuss what the Pastoral Renewal Project is all about and will be looking at the themes that come out of the survey and the next phases of the Project.  These are open meetings and anyone who is interested is welcome to attend.

To download the survey click here.


July 10, 2011