CPZ Would Stop Cars Parking Across Corners

Residents' vehicles preventing waste and recycling trucks' access

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A resident of Riverview Grove contacted ChiswickW4.com to raise her concerns about parking on corners of roads. She said, "Why vehicles are allowed to straddle corners, making delivery trucks jobs a nightmare?

"Residents should be aware that if on refuse collection days and their rubbish has not been collected then the parked cars are the reason. Surely double yellow lines would alleviate this problem?"

We raised this issue with Hounslow Council. A spokesperson explained, “Vehicles parked on street corners create problems of access for larger vehicles, including preventing the waste and recycling vehicles from completing collections. More importantly, parking at or near junctions can obstruct visibility for both vehicles emerging from a side road into a main road and for pedestrians wishing to cross at the junction. It can also cause severe problems for wheelchair users if the pram ramp at a junction is blocked.

“Unfortunately, while the Highway Code advises ‘DO NOT stop or park opposite or within 10 metres (32 feet) of a junction, except in an authorised parking space’, this is only advice and it is not an offence to park near a junction unless there are waiting restrictions in place or if a dropped kerb is being obstructed. The Police do, however, have the powers to ticket vehicles for the offence of obstruction.

“In new Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs), we have, for about the last six years, included 'no waiting at anytime' restrictions (double yellow lines) at all junctions within the CPZ, and also included these restrictions as a safety feature in many of our 20mph zones.

“The council will be reviewing its parking policies, including options for area-wide treatments of junctions, which may help to address this problem.”

Riverside Ward Cllr Sam Hearn told ChiswickW4.com, “So far as I am aware these matters were not specifically raised as part of the first stage of the CPZ consultations. The introduction of a CPZ would be accompanied by the painting of double yellow lines to stop parking close to corners / junctions.”

He added, “CPZs are patrolled by wardens who could be expected to issue tickets where appropriate and report obstructions to the police when necessary.”

June 3, 2010