Chiswick High Road 'UK's Top Spot For Parking Fines'

Council blames high figures on flyover closure and Olympic route

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More money was raised from Chiswick High Road in parking fines in the past year than any other street in the country according to figures obtained by a national newspaper.

The figures show that Hounslow Council made £634,704 from 13,132 tickets issued on Chiswick High Road in 2012-2013.

Hounslow Council said today (July 15) that the figures were due to unusual circumstances last year when the Hammersmith flyover was closed, and when Chiswick was part of the official Olympic route.

“Not only is Chiswick High Road one of the longest and busiest high roads in London, the number of tickets issued along it was higher than usual due to unusual circumstances last year, when the M4 elevated section near Boston Manor and the Hammersmith flyover were closed from December 2011 to July 2012, due to urgent repairs, as well as being designated as official Olympic routes during the Games. 

“This resulted in additional enforcement to ensure the knock-on effects did not result in gridlock in west London. This ‘Olympic spike’ can be shown when we compare tickets issued in the crucial months from April to June in 2012, which were considerably higher than the previous year.”

 A spokesman said; “Out of the 13,132 parking tickets issued along Chiswick High Road in the last financial year, 8,543* ( including four tickets for moving traffic offences) were issued by CCTV and 4,589 by civil enforcement officers."

Ealing Council came in fourth place according to the figures, with Greenford Road as the chief offender in the borough.

Haringey Council issued more tickets on a single road during the period but as fines were higher in Hounslow more money was raised.

According to the figures uncovered by the Mirror newspaper under the Freedom of Information Act, drivers in the UK were hit with nearly eight million parking tickets last year — one every four seconds, giving an income of £270 million for councils.

The issue of parking tickets is a controversial one and has often led to charges that councils are targeting motorists to boost budgets. Last month there was outrage when emails in Hammersmith and Fulham councils were discovered where staff had been congratulated on breaking records for issuing parking fines.

According to the newspaper report, (July 13), most of the worst roads for tickets in 2012-2013 were in Greater London, with council bosses blaming the Olympics for making parking even harder. The report said: "Raising most money from illegal parking was Chiswick High Road in Hounslow, West London, where the council raked in £634,704 from 13,132 tickets.

"Westminster City Council issued most tickets overall — 458,388 to receive £23million in fines.

"Outside London, the biggest earner was Alum Rock Road in Birmingham, with £252,024 paid in fines for 7,527 tickets."

The offending roads according to the report were as follows:

1. Hounslow Council - Chiswick High Road - 13,132 tickets issued - £634,704 in fines

2. Haringey Council - High Road, N17 - 15,727 tickets - £632,953

3. Croydon Council - Cherry Orchard Road - 6,430 tickets - £410,941

4. Ealing Council - Greenford Road - 7,982 tickets - £407,125

5. Waltham Forest Council - Hoe Street - 7,246 tickets - £376,076

6. Westminster City Council - Great Marlborough St - 6,021 tickets - £358,775


July 15, 2013