Overwhelming Opposition to Strand on the Green Parking Plan

Imposition of 10 metre double yellows at junctions 'excessive'

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A petition asking Hounslow Council to reconsider plans for new parking restrictions in a quiet area of Strand on the Green has received almost universal support from residents.

The proposal would see double yellow lines going back 10 metres from junctions removing a significant amount of parking space in Riverview Road and Riverview Grove. It is believed that the extra length of double yellows is being advocated to provide easier access for large vehicles such as refuse trucks. Residents are hoping for an explanation of the rationale for the scheme if the Council agree to a meeting.

The residents of the two roads are concerned that many people across the borough will not be aware that similar schemes are planned for their roads. They found out about the plan by accident and there is a feeling the Council is trying to introduce the measure by stealth. The Riverview Grove/Road plan is just one of many which are contained in the Traffic Management Order TMO/PO32/13.

When they first became aware of the plans a group of residents met and agreed to launch a petition for residents of the two roads.

It stated: 'The undersigned residents of Riverview Grove W4 and Riverview Road W4 petition the London Borough of Hounslow in respect of the proposals contained in TMO/PO32/13 which seeks to introduce a number of parking restrictions. While recognising the importance of access for refuse collections, emergency services and large delivery vehicles, we object to the current proposals for parking restrictions which we feel are excessive, and hereby request a meeting with the responsible council officers and elected ward councillors to discuss more practical solutions."

Only one out of the 102 residents they managed to contact in three days opted not to sign the petition and they believe the proportion would be the same for the householders they were unable to contact in time.

A council spokesperson said: “The Highway Code makes it clear that drivers should not park near junctions to preserve the safety of motorists and pedestrians. The proposed length of the double lines was suggested by our engineer, who has recommended that the restrictions are needed to make sure emergency services vehicles including fire engines, as well as rubbish collection vehicles, can access the streets.

'The detail in the Public Notice in the press and on-street simply outlines proposals, which are part of the statutory consultation process we have to go through. Residents views’ will of course be taken into account before any final decision is made.'

November 18, 2013