Resident pleads for Stile Hall Area CPZ

'Give us back our streets from freeloading commuters'

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Local resident Grant Feller is continuing his battle to have a controlled parking zone introduced in the Stile Hall Area of Chiswick.

Earlier this year a consultation exercise found that a majority of residents in the area supported a scheme but councillors felt the size of the majority (55%) and the number of people responding to the exercise did not justify the introduction of the scheme. Many residents complained they were unaware the consultation was taking place.

Mr. Feller feels that some local councillors are ignoring the needs of local residents due to an in principle objection to CPZs and has written to the local area committee following the discussion of this issue at a recent public meeting.

He accuses the committee of creating an 'intolerable situation' through their parking policies and castigates them for failing to agree on a solution.

He writes, "There are some on the committee who appear to vehemently oppose Controlled Parking Zones as a matter of principle - indeed, some in that Wednesday meeting actually suggested that a CPZ 'must be the last resort in solving the problem'.

"This seems to me to be a woefully inappropriate manner in which to tackle a problem you admit exists. How can we move forward if you're rejecting the most sensible and effective solution before we have even debated the matter?"

He goes on to query why, having presided over the widespread introduction of CPZs across Chiswick, Councillors are rejecting a scheme for the Stile Hall area even though, according to Mr. Feller, the schemes have been hugely successful for residents.

His letter raises some suggestions as to the reluctance to introduce a scheme to this area, "Is it because Strand on the Green might be unduly affected? Are small businesses in that district concerned that they may lose trade if there's a knock-on effect? Do parents of schoolchildren think they'll no longer be able to park their cars and pick children up? Many of my neighbours suspect that that may well be the case. But the committee cannot be swayed by the views of residents who live outside an afflicted area - after all, our views were not sought when other CPZs were voted for. And as for the justified concerns of parents whose children attend Strand on the Green school, a timed CPZ which allows for drop-off and pick-up would easily assuage their fears."

He was grateful to the committee for recognising the problem was more significant than they previously had thought but concluded, " What you failed to persuade me and others was what so many of us see as common sense - that the situation is so bad that the most sensible course of action is to eject the freeloading commuters with immediate effect and give us back our streets. It's a course of action you have pursued vigorously in so many parts of Chiswick with outstanding success but for some bizarre reason you won't do the same for us."

Mr. Feller expressed the wish that the Stile Hall Area would be reconsulted as soon as possible and said that he was confident there would be a huge majority in favour.

December 10, 2004