Guests prove costly in Central Chiswick

Charge for visitors' parking permits rise by a staggering 250%

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Residents of Central Chiswick were dismayed to discover that the cost of visitors' permits had risen by a staggering 250%. 

One residents stated "I discovered today that in a few days these permits increase in price to £15 but have 30 lines - so same charge per line. However, each line is no longer valid for 2 1/2 hours but 1 hour only."

This increase comes hot on the heals of last month's car parking price hike which means that it now costs £1.40 an hour to park a car in Chiswick. 

The rates are the most expensive in the borough but the Council defended the rise saying that other areas had also seen charges increase and the rate of increase was higher than in Chiswick.

A spokesperson for Hounslow Council told "The Council is in the process of reviewing parking charges across the borough. This is ongoing and no date has been sent for the implementation of the new charging structure."

The old style permits remain valid until further notice.

These charges are just one revenue source from motorists for Hounslow Council who, according to Government figures released this week, received an income of £6.7m in the 12 months ending April last year of which £2.7m was profit.

Director of Transport for the Association of London Government told the Evening Standard that by law boroughs must spend any surplus from parking on public transport, highways or the environment.  He said "It is unlawful for council to have the objective of raising revenue through parking."



May 11, 2006