Parking levies debate resurrected by newly published map

Official data from Transport for London shows that Chiswick does not enjoy "superior" public transport links

According to the recently published PTAL (Public Transport Accessibility Level) scores, it would appear that Chiswick does not have the best public transport system in Hounslow. The scores, which have been processed into map form by LBH from raw data supplied by TfL, are compiled to measure the provision of public transport across the borough.

Superior public transport provision has in the past been given as one of LBH’s reasons for the higher charges - £70 in Chiswick compared with £35 in Hounslow. However, LBH asserts that the main reason for the differential charge was the level of funding available to install each scheme the particular year of its implementation.

Tom Carney of Hounslow Council stated on the forum “PTAL refers to the provision of parking, not parking charges, it has never had a bearing on the cost of parking.” He added that the PTAL scores do not rate the quality of services.

The proximity of public transport assisted the identification of locations that would benefit from a CPZ. Residential areas in close proximity to public transport tend to attract commuters wishing to park their cars in the area, and hence the CPZs were installed to give local residents a chance to find parking near their homes. PTAL scores were not utilised or quoted in the reports that recommended the charges for each CPZ.

The subject of parking charges has long been a hot potato for LBH and Chiswick’s Councilors and this latest information will only fuel the ongoing debate.

Chris Calvi-Freeman, LBH Transport head, has agreed to make this map available at public libraries.

This discussion continues on the forum.

January 23, 2003

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