Park Ranger and Envirocrime Teams Will Be Cut

But by two less than previously planned

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Cllr Gary Malcom at Southfield Recreational Ground where the Park Rangers do 'huge amount of great work.


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Ealing Council's cabinet has confirmed that the Park Ranger and Envirocrime teams will be cut - but by two less than previously planned.

Opposition groups on the Council - supported by a number of residents’ groups - forced the original decision to be called - in, and on Tuesday the cabinet inched back on its proposals to reduce the ranger team from 23 to 9 and have now put 2 posts back.

Southfield Liberal Democrat Councillor Gary Malcolm says a backtrack is not enough. "Labour wanted to cut both teams by 50%. After Liberal Democrat action they said they are to only keep an extra two Park Rangers. LibDems say that where cuts are needed, retaining front-line services should take priority.

''The Park Rangers and enviro-crime officers, whose job it is to enforce fly-tipping and other environmental crimes, are needed to ensure our parks are well looked after and are safe."

The Conservatives say this a key service for residents and have tabled a motion for the next council meeting on February 1st. It reads: ''This Council recognises the central role that parks and open spaces play in urban life and the crucial and enabling role of the dedicated team of Park Rangers in making our parks safe, clean, enjoyable and welcoming.

''Our Envirocrime Officers have an equally valuable role in keeping our streets clear of the effects of fly-tipping and taking action against the perpetrators. This Council therefore deplores the proposed cuts to both the Ranger and Envirocrime Teams, which will see the number of Rangers reduced from 20 to 4 and the Envirocrime Team reduced by 50%.

''This Council therefore urges the Cabinet to rethink their decision to savagely cut these essential front line service.''

January 27, 2011