O2 Abandons Plans For Sutton Court Road Mast

Formally agreeing to seek a more suitable alternative site

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Grove Park residents who have been campaigning against the siting of a mobile phone mast close to their homes have received a notice from O2 confirming that the company has abandoned their plans to install the mast at the Sutton Court Road site.

A spokesperson for O2 stated "O2 has now formally agreed to seek a more suitable alternative to this site. This should alleviate concerns about this particular location whilst still enabling us to improve our mobile service in the Grove Park area".

"This is great news, and we'd like to thank O2 for being considerate on this matter and listening to our concerns." said one resident, "We have asked O2 to put this decision in writing, so that there is no possibility for misunderstanding."

She continued "O2 are determined to put a mast in the Grove Park area and are looking at alternative sites. O2 has invited Grove Park residents to get involved in discussions to find an alternative site and we encourage all residents who have a point of view to participate."

"We are concerned as to where these alternative sites may be located. Our principle concerns are that the mast should be unobtrusive and as far from residences and schools as possible."

She concluded "We will be urging the council to improve their operational systems to avoid planning mistakes such as this in the future."



February 28, 2008