Sainsbury's Planning Application Imminent?

Shop move raises speculation that massive scheme is closer

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Another shop closure in the parade supposedly earmarked for redevelopment in the massive scheme that would transform the centre of Chiswick has raised speculation that a planning application could be about to be submitted.

Health food store Holland and Barrett have moved 300 yards further up the High Road to take over the premises vacated by Game.

A spokesperson for Holland and Barrett said, "The retailer's latest 1,600 square feet store has created 3 new part time jobs and will be officially opened at 9am on Monday 13th August."

This leaves a line of empty premises between the Old Packhorse and Essex Place. This area was shown as being slated for redeveloped in plans that were published on this site in March.

There are now unconfirmed reports that a planning application will be made for the scheme next month.

Top London architectural firm TateHindle published the plans on their web site but they were quickly withdrawn after being highlighted on

They would see the large Sainsbury's supermarket move from its current location to have its main entrance on Chiswick High Road opposite Turnham Green.

The current site around the Sainsbury's car park would then be turned into a mixed use development comprised of apartments, retail and commercial premises. The project is spearheaded by the property management company Invista.

TateHindle refused to comment on the development which is known as the Chiswick High Road Project but its website describes it as "a unique opportunity to reinvigorate the west end of Chiswick High Road"

Under the plan, 96 apartments would be split between two blocks: an existing 12-storey office building would be converted into forty apartments with views across the park, and a new five-storey residential block to the north which would enclose a central landscaped courtyard. The proposals provide for the tower to be re-clad, with retail at ground level.

A further design envisages a new 13,000 square foot office-block, fronting Acton Lane, to maintain the "quantum of employment space" within the development.

Invista have been contacted for comment on the proposed development.

Artist's Impressions of Project

Chiswick High Road showing new Sainsbury's stretching from Essex Place toward Acton Lane

Aerial view from over Turnham Green looking across at development on site of Sainsbury's car park.

View Across Turnham Green showing new Sainsbury's

Pictures from Tate Hindle web site

August 12, 2012