Chiswick sees the fastest level of planning decisions in the borough of Hounslow. 80% of applications receive a decision within 8 weeks well above the borough average and the norm in neighbouring parts of London.

In Ealing Borough the figure is 58% and 59% in Hammersmith and Fulham.

Record numbers of planning applications are being processed faster than ever with a 16% increase in applications being decided within the governments 8 week target, compared to last year. The figures, outlined in the Development Control Annual Report, show that Hounslow’s planning committees are deciding applications more consistently, and faster, than neighbouring boroughs.

3164 planning applications were lodged with the Council during 2001/02 covering everything from works to trees up to the proposed 28 storey ‘Chiswick West Development’. 3051 planning decisions were made during the same period, an average of 600 per area committee.

Other key achievements during the last year include:

  • Declaration of Conservation Areas in Grove Park, Chiswick
  • A new Conservation Area statement has been produced for Strand on the Green.
  • Extensive consultation with residents and stakeholders about the revision of the UDP.

Planning Applications to the Council have almost doubled since 1992, with over 700 applications being submitted per month now compared to around 400 ten years ago. The improvement in performance is likely to put Hounslow into the top 24% of London Boroughs.


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