Mystery over Chiswick Post Office Closure

Audit closes branch on day of changes to postal charges

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Sheila Hancock sends Chiswick Post Office into Room 101

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Chiswick Post Office was unexpectedly closed this week and mystery still surrounds the circumstances.

Members of the national press were at the branch to see groups of people outside attempting to gain access. It is not clear whether they were aware of some development at the post office or they were simply there to interview people about the change-over to size based which occurred on the same day.

A spokesman for the Royal Mail said, "Chiswick Post Office was temporarily closed yesterday (Monday) following a branch audit. This has absolutely nothing to do with the mail pricing changes which came in yesterday. We apologise to any affected customers but the office re-opened at midday today (Tuesday) under a temporary subpostmaster."

There was no indication given as to why specifically the branch audit was necessary or if it was routine.

The branch has had problems with thefts in the past with one mail order company refusing to make deliveries to the Chiswick post code area because so many of its packages were going missing from the area.

August 25, 2006