Chiswick Traders to be ‘named and shamed’ in Council crackdown

New pilot scheme aims to tackle illegal dumping of rubbish by local businesses

Unscrupulous businesses in Chiswick operating without a valid trade waste disposal licence will be targeted by Hounslow Council in a bid to tackle offenders who dump rubbish on the public highway.

The pilot scheme, to be launched on Chiswick Environmental Action Day (Saturday 5 April), will focus on the local area, before being rolled out across the borough. Hounslow’s Community Environment Officers will visit all traders in the area to check that they have a valid licence. Premises operating without a licence will receive an initial warning, with the threat of prosecution if the situation isn’t rectified. Chiswick Environmental Action Day will be an opportunity for local residents to find out about environmental activities and improvements in their area, get more information on Council services and report any environment-related problems.

From this month, local authorities were granted the power to investigate – and prosecute – businesses that do not have a valid trade waste licence. Previously, only the Environment Agency was able to take action against offenders. Under the Environmental Protection Act 1991, all businesses are required to make arrangements for their waste collection, whether it is with the local authority or a private contractor.

Councillor Ruth Cadbury, Hounslow’s Executive Member for Cleaner Greener Neighbourhoods, said: “Organisations without a valid trade waste disposal licence are effectively being subsidised by law-abiding residents and businesses. Not only are they unfairly palming off their rubbish onto someone else, they are also contributing to the unsightly clutter on our streets.

“This has to stop, and we won’t hesitate to take the strongest action against offenders. If prosecution and the resulting fines are not enough to deter these traders, perhaps the embarrassment of being named and shamed will lead to compliance.

“Our message is simple: clean up your act or face the consequences,” she warned.

Chiswick Area Committee Chairman, Councillor Paul Lynch, also supports the move. He said: “Local businesses have a responsibility to their community just as much as residents, and dumping rubbish on the street is simply unacceptable. The people of Chiswick want to see these people - who ruin their local street scene - severely dealt with, and this pilot scheme underlines our determination to take a hard line with traders who flout the law and think they can get away with it.”

The get-tough message is part of a wider campaign to encourage people to take pride in the borough and accept greater responsibility for their local environment.

For advice on refuse collection or for further information on the Council’s cleansing service, call 020 8583 5000 or email

March 26, 2003

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