Work Starts on the Removal of St. Ebba Blyth

Huge crane pontoon swings into action

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Work has started on the removal of the St Ebba Blyth which has been causing concern after she became rooted to the riverbed.

The boat was originally being towed from Staines down to Essex when there was a problem with the "tow" and she sprang a leak. She was initially moored at the pier for a couple of weeks to effect emergency repairs but during that time the Port of London Authority (PLA) examined the state of the boat and decided that if she continued her journey it would be a serious risk to navigation and prohibited further travel downstream. It was then moved to the wall where it has been ever since, initially somebody was around fairly regularly apparently starting repairs but more recently there does not appear to have been any activity.

Picture courtesy of Alan Wadner

After an investigation by the Port of London Authority, it was decided to permanently remove the vessel from the area.

PLA contractors General Marine installed their crane platform near Chiswick Pier on Friday 3rd June. They plan to start work on Monday and estimate that it will take around a week to remove the boat as they reckon it weighs around 40 tons and needs to be dismantled and removed in parts.

Photo courtesy of Chiswick Pier Trust

After one day's work, the St Ebba Blyth was already considerably stripped down. This photo on the left was taken on Monday 6th June.

Photo courtesy of M Gallagher

And the disassembling continues apace as illustrated in the photos below taken by American Grey on Wednesday 8th June.

June 8, 2011