Hogarth Flyover Closure Leads To Motoring Misery

Traffic delays started when work began at the weekend


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The anticipated delays resulting from the closure of the Hogarth flyover have resulted in misery for motorists and for local people.

The flyover in Chiswick closed last Friday, July 19th (until August 31st) for work by TfL, and one local person living nearby said that they will be "prisoners" as the traffic congestion makes it difficult to leave home.

Hogarth Flyover before the works started

Lengthy queues have built up along the A316 as motorists heading east to the A4 towards Hammersmith and central London have to use the traffic lights on the Hogarth roundabout instead of the relatively quick crossing on the flyover. On Monday morning there was a line of traffic well past the Chiswick School and the pattern continued into the afternoon and evening.

One resident who lives on the A316 only a few hundred meters from the roundabout woke to the sound of nearly standstill traffic at 7:15am Saturday, the first full day of the closure.

She commented "If this traffic is solely due to the closure of the flyover we are in for a long few weeks. Clearly traffic at this time would normally be quiet. I wasn't expecting a huge interruption as the flyover has been known to close due to cars flipping over at the entrance to the flyover and whilst this caused traffic-it was never terrible.

"If this traffic continues, those of us who live in the area will be held prisoner unable to leave the area."

Some motorists have tried to divert from the queues through Grove Park and to use Sutton Court road for access- however this area is already the centre of congestion, as cars are parked on both sides of the road near Elmwood Road. Local councillors are calling for double yellow lines to be painted to ease delays.

The closure of the flyover was publicised by TfL in advance and a public information session was held in Chiswick Town Hall last week.

We asked TFL if they have altered the light sequence at the roundabout to give longer priority to the traffic from the A316 to the A4 and Chiswick Lane to compensate for the flyover closure.

A spokesman said: "Our traffic control centre is constantly monitoring the area around the Hogarth Flyover and are working to keep queues to a minimum during these works. Where required, they are altering traffic signals to help keep traffic moving through the area."

TfL says the closure of the Hogarth flyover was needed for essential repairs so engineers can replace the deck, repair parapets steelwork, and improve lighting on the slip road. A letter was distributed to residents and businesses living near to Hogarth flyover.


July 21, 2014