Staveley Road potholes filled in

Chiswick's most notorious stretch of road gets resurfaced

After years of complaints and quite a few damaged axles, Staveley Road in Grove Park has finally been resurfaced. The pot holes on the road had become notorious even in the context of Chiswick's pitted road network.

Hounslow Council pays out over £900,000 each year in insurance claims related to accidents due to badly maintained roads and footpaths.

The Council point out that the timing of the repairs had nothing to do with coverage of the road maintenance budget on this site recently. The decision to give top priority to the repair of Staveley Road was made in February by the Chiswick Area Committee.

Staveley Road before the repairs

Hounslow Council spend less per kilometre on Chiswick's road than any other area in the borough and in some cases less than half as much. The Council say that this is because budgets are allocated first to roads that need repairing and not on a per kilometre basis. A council spokesperson described's report on the subject "distorted" and "misleading" even though the report was based on the Council's own figures (see table below).

According to the Council, "The London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham is commissioned by TfL each year to carry out a Road Condition Survey for all of London's principal roads and their results and ours compared. There is no reason therefore to suspect that our results on local road maintenance requirements are not accurate and it would appear that greater expenditure is required to bring roads up to a fully repaired state in other areas of the Hounslow."

If you see a defective road or footpath locally you can report it to or on-line on the Transport for London web-site.

Hounslow Borough Corporate Programme for Roads and Footways
of Budget
per km
Heston Cranford 72.42 3.3 3.15 6.45 23% 89064
West Area 116.05 5.02 4.63 9.65 34% 83154
Brentford/Isleworth 77.15 2.97 2.19 5.16 18% 66883
Central Hounslow 72.39 2.76 1.83 4.59 16% 63407
Chiswick 55.46 1.14 1.22 2.36 8% 42553
Total 393.47 15.19 13.02 28.21 100% 71695

June 11, 2003

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