Major overhaul for Chiswick High Road

Council plans major package of new works including extended bus lanes, cycle paths and pavement narrowing

A comprehensive package of new proposals for Chiswick High Road designed to provide smoother traffic flow, increase bus speeds has been put out for consultation by Hounslow Council. The scheme covers the section of the road to the west of the junction with Acton Lane.

Planners have identified 43 improvements including more bus lanes and cycle paths, resiting of pedestrian crossings and new loading bays for shops on Chiswick High Road. They are hoping to make the operation of the bus lanes 24 hours and enforcement cameras will be installed on the road. There will be an extra lane on the approach to Chiswick Roundabout.

According to the Council every weekday, the one kilometre stretch of Chiswick High Road from Chiswick Roundabout to Acton Lane carries up to 30,000 vehicles, including nearly 800 buses. Private car use is growing by 2-3 per cent each year and traffic congestion is increasing, putting enormous pressure on the road.

The funding for the scheme is coming from Transport for London provided on the basis that the plan supports bus use.

The proposals have already attracted support from local residents but some concerns have been raised. Dave Elmer feels that the proposals to narrow the pavement will reduce the boulevard feel of the High Road saying, "if you want to try and stop this bit of Chiswick High Road being made more like Richmond or the Kings Road - please write objecting on the cards expensively produced by the council."

Others have objected to the possibility of 24 hour bus lanes with one resident commenting, "This aspect of the scheme is clearly revenue driven. Hundreds of motorists will incur penalty charges for innocently straying onto bus lanes late at night on an empty road. They wouldn't dream of introducing such a scheme in any other part of the borough."

The Council has launched a consultation on the proposals, and would like to receive any comments or alternative suggestions on the scheme by Friday 15 August 2003. They have printed 10,000 full colour brochures which have been sent out to addresses in the vicinity of the road.

You can also e-mail
if you have specific questions.

Feedback will be analysed and reported to the Chiswick Area Committee on 3 September.

September 12, 2007

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