Motorised Pooper Scoopers The Way Forward?

Modified motorcycles vacuum up mess and sterilise pavements

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To report a problem with dog mess, contact the Animal Warden Team at Street Management & Public Protection, London Borough of Hounslow, Bridge Road Depot
Pears Road Hounslow TW3 1SQ

Tel: 020 8583 5555



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An innovative method of dealing with dog mess is being piloted by a London council. A modified motorbike based on the Parisian “motocrottes” have been introduced in Islington as their latest weapon against footpath fouling.

The specially adapted Honda 125cc uses a water vacuum system to suck the mess up by a hose and deposit it in a 25-litre box on the back of the bike. A pump then sterilises the area with a special wash.

It is an offence for a person in charge of a dog to fail to clean up after their animal when it fouls and carries a maximum fine of £1000.

Although not currently considering following Islington's lead, a spokesperson for Hounslow Council told, "We are currently looking at ways of working with the police to issue fixed penalty notices to dog owners who do not clean up after their pets.”

September 10, 2009