School Responds To Car Boot Sale Concerns

Chiswick Community's PTA proposes immediate action to address the issues

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Following complaints on forum about the traffic chaos around Chiswick Community School during their monthly car boot sales, representatives of the PTA, the School, the Governing Body, Hounslow Council’s Traffic Department and a local Councillor held a meeting to discuss how best to address the issues.

The roads around Chiswick Community School have become practically a no go area for motorists due to the sheer scale of the car boot sale but on Sunday 4th October the traffic gridlock was particularly bad.

Local resident Paul Allen called the situation 'utter chaos' saying, "The yellow line restrictions seem to be un-policed as visitor’s cars were allowed to park anywhere they liked. At one point the traffic was grid locked and resident’s vehicle access to the two estates off Riverside Drive was blocked.

Following the meeting, a spokesperson for the school's PTA told, "The PTA recognises the size and scope of the problem regarding parking and congestion and proposes the following immediate action to address the issues:

1) There will be no access to the school car-park except for disabled access.
2) The PTA and the school will be significantly reducing the size of the car boot sale.
3) The Traffic Department is considering additional parking restrictions.
4) The PTA is looking at the possibility of a pre-booking system for vendors at the car-boot sale.

There will be further announcements to keep the community informed as these measures are phased in. We anticipate that there will be an immediate effect on the November 1st Car Boot Sale and its impact on the community."

October 15, 2009