Third runway at Heathrow is still an option

Revised consultation on airport expansion to include both Gatwick and Heathrow


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Hounslow’s councilors have expressed their dismay at the announcement that a third runway at Heathrow airport is still being considered.

In a recent survey by Hounslow Council 90% of residents were opposed to this believing that further expansion at Heathrow would be unacceptable from an environmental, social, economic and health and safety perspective.

A third runway would probably mean a flightpath directly over Chiswick

Heathrow’s expansion is included in the revised consultation document alongside Gatwick. Cllr John Chatt, leader of Hounslow Council stated “The Government could have taken this opportunity to acknowledge the growing case against the building of a third runway at Heathrow airport. Their decision to retain the option is very
disappointing news.”

The Council believes that Heathrow has reached the limit of its sustainable expansion, and any further development, such as the proposed third runway, would have a devastating impact on the quality of life not just for people in Hounslow but also across the whole of West London.
BAA have themselves made known faults in the plans for a new runway, showing that aircraft having to cross the other runways would slow and reduce flights landing and taking off and this would ultimately lead to a reduction in the number of flights per year, instead of the increase they and the Government were hoping for.

A congestion charging zone around Heathrow is being considered by Ken Livngstone in order to tackle traffic congestion. However, the anti-3rd runway campaigners also want the air space congestion above Heathrow and surrounding areas, along with the impact of the projected 30 million additional passengers to be taken into account.

Cllr. Chatt warned “We believe enough is enough, and that a third runway is simply a short term solution to a national problem, ultimately creating long- term health and social problems in Hounslow if it goes ahead.”

February 28, 2003

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