Grove Park Pupils Become Bug Blasters

Business Park staff visit to help improve hygiene

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A team of workers from Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work’s Guests Services Department made a visit to local school, Grove Park Primary, recently to support a new initiative known as ‘Bug Blasters’. The programme is designed to promote handwashing and improve the children’s hygiene.

This issue has been seen as high on the school’s agenda since February when the pupils suffered a suffered a severe bout of the ‘winter vomiting disease’.

In support of the scheme, Chiswick Park have donated cheerfully designed soap dispensers with animated characters from the ‘Bug Blasters’ team on them. During their visit the team installed the dispensers. They also held an assembly with staff dressed as members of the ‘Bug Blasters’ team, where the children learnt about the importance of hand-washing and other steps to eradicate germs.

Marion Lee, Head Teacher at Grove Park Primary said: “It is incredibly important for all our pupils to learn the importance of maintaining good levels of hygiene because without this knowledge they are at much greater risk of becoming ill. I speak for all our staff and pupils when I say a heartfelt thank you to Chiswick Park for their support.”

Fran Goddard, Community and Communications Manager at Chiswick Park said: “’Bug Blasters’ is a great initiative because it teaches children an important lesson, whilst being fun and interactive. We are really committed to Grove Park School and the local community and our landscaping and maintenance teams are planning to dedicate some time to further refurbishment of the school to help improve learning conditions.’

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April 6, 2007