Mr Benn Goes Back To School

MP's family continue their long-standing relationship with Southfield Primary

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For years the family of Minister for Overseas Development, Hilary Benn MP, have had a connection with Southfield Primary. A resident of Esmond Road, the Rt Hon Hilary Benn was Chair of Governors at the school for many years, choosing to send all his children there.

The school was delighted to announce this week that the next generation of Benn involvement is about to begin after the minister's son, James Benn, accepted the post of class teacher.

James has been undertaking his teaching practice at the school for the past term and is excited to be joining as a full-time members of staff.

He says, "I was born in Chiswick in 1983 and have lived locally all my life. I began at Southfield nursery in 1987 (I can still remember my first day) and I joined the main school the following year. Mr Snell was deputy head at the time and he and I regularly reminisce about old times!"

He continues "I left Southfield 12 years ago and followed in the footsteps of many pupils by moving to Chiswick Community School. On completion of my A-levels, I gained a place at Oxford University to study a BA in Geography. It was while I was at university that I began to realise just how important teaching is and I decided it was the profession for me. Having completed my degree in 2005, I travelled for the best part of 2006 before starting my PGCE at South Bank last January. I will complete my teacher training at the end of this year.

"I have so many fond memories of the school. My family have always had close ties with Southfield and all three of my siblings also attended the school. I believe that primary education should be stimulating and enjoyable with pupils feeling comfortable and cared for. I certainly feel Southfield provides this for both pupils and staff alike. I also feel as though a good teacher should be creative with the class and most importantly give encouragement for every pupil to maximise his or her potential. I hope to do this in my own teaching. Although being a class teacher is very challenging and a lot of hard work, I am greatly looking forward to working at the school."

June 22, 2007