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Local Liberal Democrats councillors have published the full details of the survey they held in Southfield ward on the access restrictions on Fisher’s Lane.

They say that, as Ealing Council did not hold a consultation on the scheme as it was introduced by an experimental traffic order, they decided to conduct their own consultative exercise.

In response to the question about their overall view of the restrictions, 74% of residents said they were against them with only 10% in favour. Eighty percent of respondents want to see a review of the scheme take place as soon as possible or within the next few weeks.

One comment submitted to the survey states, ““I am disabled and a blue badge holder. The current scheme does allow me to go to Turnham Green but the closure of Fisher's Lane is problematic. Congestion has definitely got much worse since the measures on Turnham Green Terrace and Fisher's Lane were introduced. Air pollution is noticeably worse on South Parade.”

By 11 October over 1,000 responses to their survey had been submitted. They removed responses that were duplicated or from people outside the ward to leave 809 unique responses. Since completing their report on the survey another 199 responses were submitted but the answers appear to be in line with those submitted earlier.

Responses were from 88 unique roads in the ward (there are about 100 streets in Southfield).

Councillor Gary Malcolm said, "The vast majority of respondents were against the scheme and people are totally annoyed that they have not been listened to by the Labour-run Ealing Council. The Liberal Democrats are now going to speak to Ealing Council and suggest they read residents comments and either cancel the scheme or make changes ASAP so that many of the negatives can be avoided. We all want to see more people walking and cycling and so the Council needs to listen to people, look at the alternatives and ensure that people who need cars because they are disabled are not discriminated against."

As a result of the survey local ward councillors are making a number of recommendations including the immediate cessation of the restrictions and a full review of the scheme. The councillors also want a review of the two recent traffic accidents on Fisher’s Lane and Acton Lane to determine whether the Fisher’s Lane closure was a contributory factor. They also want the signage at the site reviewed as they say it is clear that many motorists are driving through the underpass unaware there is a restriction.

fishers lane survey

If the Council refuses to consider terminating the scheme then the Southfield ward councillors say they will hold a digital ward forum to discuss the results of their survey, inviting residents as well as transport officers from Ealing and Hounslow Councils.

They also want Ealing Council to agree to only make changes to roads, after a full consultation taking into account data showing current traffic usage and behaviour, with clear measurable aims for why any changes should be made.

Since the survey was completed, there was an Ealing Council public meeting on 20 October at which the topic of the Fishers Lane closure was discussed. In the meeting Cllr Gary Malcolm proposed that the Fishers Lane scheme be cancelled due to the problems seen in both sides of Chiswick. During the voting all Liberal Democrats voted for cancelling the Fishers Lane scheme but all the Labour Councillors voted to retain the scheme, so the scheme exists.

Residents can email feedback to, or post them to the Highways Service, Perceval House, 14-16 Uxbridge Road, W5 2HL.


October 31, 2020

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