Friends Light Up Chiswick Parish Church

St Nicholas Receives Donation of £9,000 Towards Its Conservation

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St Nicholas Church will be open from 13:00-17:00 on Sunday 16th September as part of Open Chiswick. Tours of the archives & graveyard will be at 2pm, 4pm


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Relaunched two years ago, the Friends of St Nicholas Church is a charity whose objectives are to raise funds for the conservation and maintenance of the fabric and furnishings of Chiswick Parish Church, and of its churchyard.

A sizeable fund has now been accumulated, £9,000 of which has been allocated towards the costs of the new lighting and sound system currently being installed in the church.

The church and churchyard are major elements in historic Chiswick - the church tower, built in 1425, is the oldest building in Chiswick - and add significantly to our local heritage. William Hogarth, the 'Father of English Painting', is buried in the churchyard.

The Friends of St Nicholas Church has a considerable membership from amongst both members of the church's congregation and from the wider community of Chiswick.

The Friends organise an annual series of events such as lectures and concerts, most of which take place in the church.

Members of the local community, and others, who would like to contribute to our objectives by becoming Friends are warmly invited to email Francis Ames-Lewis at for further information and a membership application brochure.

September 7, 2007