Hounslow Council and CIP make formal apology for lack of progress on courts

An apology has been issued by Hounslow Council and CIP to the residents of Chiswick over the failure to develop the tennis courts on the Back Common.

The bureaucratic failings that were highlighted in a recent report on the matter prompted the cross-party Scrutiny Panel who considered it to recommend that an apology be made.

The apology was made on behalf of Hounslow Council and CIP who manage the borough's leisure services. Julian Knott the Director of Commercial Services at CIP will be in the George and Devonshire pub this Thursday evening at 7.30pm and will answer questions about CIP's services in Chiswick.

Full Text of Apology addressed to the residents of Chiswick

On behalf of the London Borough of Hounslow and CIP, the Council's provider of leisure services, we would like to apologise for the lack of progress with the redevelopment of Chiswick Back Common tennis Courts.

We acknowledge that mistakes have been made, the most significant of which was the lack of effective management to oversee this project and provide responsibility and accountability to both the committee and local residents.

We also note the lack of investment in the Chiswick Back Common tennis courts. This was because of the expectation that the redevelopment would go ahead, with hindsight this prevented more local residents from using the courts.

We further recognise that we have not proceeded as rapidly as had expected, and that we have not kept members and local residents informed of developments, we have now taken steps to improve our project management systems. Following the recommendation of the Scrutiny Committee, the issue of Chiswick Back Common tennis courts will be an item on each Chiswick Area Committee (monitoring) and a dedicated Officer will be responsible for reporting on progress, as well as providing a point of contact for Members and local residents.

On behalf of the London Borough of Hounslow, and CIP, we confirm that this issue will not be repeated, and that the lessons learnt will be used to develop improved methods for managing projects throughout the borough.

Yours faithfully

Nick Pratt
Head of Cultural Strategy Partnerships
and Commissioning
London Borough of Hounslow

Julian Knott
Commercial Services Director
CIP Group

November 4, 2002

Reports details bureaucratic failings that have led to courts being neglected

Full report on the tennis courts

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