Tube Upgrade Could Signal Piccadilly Line Stop

Local MPs present united front in Turnham Green talks with TfL

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Angie Bray joined fellow MP Mary Macleod at a meeting with Boris Johnson's Transport Advisor, Kulveer Ranger, to discuss the continuing demand from residents in Chiswick for more Piccadilly Line trains to stop at Turnham Green.

Transport for London (TfL) have always said that this cannot be done due to the need for trains to run as quickly as possible between Heathrow and Central London - at the moment trains only stop late at night and early in the morning.

Mr Ranger said that, as things are, it remains the case that TfL cannot see any way of stopping more trains at Turnham Green during the day, although he did say that when the tube upgrades come in - which will include resignalling work - there might be some way of looking at the issue again.

Angie Bray suggested, as a compromise, that it might be of some small benefit to residents if TfL considered stopping Piccadilly Line trains at Turnham Green at weekends on top of the trains that stop there under the current arrangements. Mr Ranger agreed to look into her proposal and to report back.

After the meeting Angie said, "I will continue to make the case for more Piccadilly Line trains stopping at Turnham Green and am disappointed that we don't seem to be able to make any progress.

"However, if TfL were to say yes to weekends, that would at least be some improvement for local residents who want to access Central London at weekends."

December 4, 2010