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London Mayor Sadiq Khan's comments on pavement space in Chiswick have been welcomed by Chiswick Liberal Democrats.

The Mayor said that reducing paving space on the south side of Chiswick High Road as part of CS9 “can’t be right”.

The Mayor held a People's Question Time in Hounslow at which the question of the CS9 was raised during the discussion on his transport strategy.

Chiswick resident Matt Smith said that while he agreed with the Mayor's transport strategy to improve walking and cycling facilties, the design of the CS9 would reduce the width of over 90 per cent of pavements in Chiswick, some minimally, but in other parts, such as outside Our Lady of Grace Church, by two-thirds. This "flies in the face" of his transport strategy for pedestrians, he said.

The Mayor responded that the first draft was not perfect and he was happy to see such a high response from the area for the consultation. The Walking and Cycling Commissioner Will Norman was visiting the area to talk to residents, traders, and Fr Dunn of OLO, he said.

He commented " It can't be right to have less pavement space in Chiswick and we want people to be able to enjoy the pavement cafes that you have."

Chiswick Liberal Democrats welcomed his comments.

‘It is about time that the Mayor has come around to the Chiswick Liberal Democrat position, that cycling provision on the High Road must not come at the expense of pedestrians’ said Helen Cross, Liberal Democrat Council Candidate for Turnham Green Ward.

“It is disappointing that it has taken this long to come to this conclusion, if TFL had followed its own planning guidance and Healthy Streets approach, we would have a CS9 design that was fit for purpose for both cyclists and pedestrians” she continued.

Hounslow Council is giving a detailed response to the TfL consultation after the local elections.

The issue also came up for discussion at the Hounslow Council Cabinet Question and Answer session at Chiswick Town Hall last week. Members of the audiance raised questions about pollution on Chiswick High Road, about safety for pedestrians, and about how cutting back on pavement space would be advantageous for people walking along.

Chiswick Liberal Democrats have developed a set of criteria they expect to be met by the final design for the scheme:
• Demonstrably better provision than currently in place for both cyclists and pedestrians on the High Road,
and evidence that the scheme will improve all Healthy Streets Indicators
• Any cycle lane is single carriageway i.e. one way only, flowing the same way as the traffic (in order to optimise both pedestrian and cyclist safety)
• The cycle lane will ideally be on-carriageway but segregated, though we are open to creative options that do not reduce pavement space or impede accessibility for vulnerable groups (particularly regarding bus stop islands)
• Bus routes must not be compromised, the design must demonstrate that all bus routes within Chiswick should at least maintain current frequency and journey times (this includes the 272 and E3 whose route times have yet to be assessed)
• Modelling for pollution impact over time should take place prior to implementation and demonstrate a projected reduction in NO2 and PM10s on the High Road

You can read the full TfL consultation results here and also read our coverage.

March 10, 2018

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