Concern Expressed Over Impact of Trees From Revised CS9

One local fears for the London Planes which are the 'crowning glory' of the High Road

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A reader has raised the issue of whether the revised design for the cycle highway will impact on trees on Chiswick High Road. She says the new design does not make it clear whether more trees will have to removed for the cycle highway and has asked for help to clarify.

Tess Canfield writes, "I am concerned that relief at the design compromise at Dukes Avenue has masked as very serious problem.

"It appears that at least three and possibly four of the street trees shown in the revised drawing will be lost as they are in the middle of new paved areas. Our precious London planes are the chief glory of Chiswick High Road. Shops come and go, but the trees remain and establish the road's identity.

"All of them will be at risk during the extensive construction period, and several will be unavoidably lost because of planning decisions. Does the change at Dukes Avenue add to the death toll of the trees? The drawing is contradictory. Tree or cycleway? It shows both in the same place.

"What has happened to the A4 alternative? Why is it not first priority as it is cheaper to build and much less disruptive? The awfulness of the construction period on Chiswick High Road has not been given appropriate attention. The loss of more trees is disastrous. "

tree on high road
This tree outside peppermint shop on the High Road is listed to be removed

TfL originally said CS9 would be routed to ensure mature trees on Chiswick High Road would be maintained where possible. Three trees would have to removed and they had identified potential locations for ten new trees to offset the losses.

The consultation on the revised designs for two sections of the route is now open and will run until 26 February. Responses can be submitted online at, by post or by e-mail.

CS9 Revised Route Between Duke Road and Dukes Avenue. Larger version

February 3, 2019

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