Angry Crowd Confronts Local Dog Walker

Shouting breaks out over claims that dogs were left in car overnight


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A heated exchange has taken place between a group of local people and a woman over dogs being left in a car for an extended period, with accusations made that an unlicensed dog boarding service is being operated.

The incident, in Grove Park, was filmed by one of the residents who posted it on the internet. The video shows a number of angry people confronting Elizabeth-Anne Smith Denny, as she gets out of a car with a dog on a lead near Fauconberg Parade in Grove Park.

She is first seen on the video picking up a black dog and roughly pushing it back onto the ground. As she tries to move away a man shouts ' What are you doing? Tempers flare as she leads the dog away by the lead and people shout after her.

We have attempted to make contact with Ms Denny about the incident.

The confrontation has been the subject of a lengthy discussion on our forum. The resident who posted the video said that she had been initially contacted by concerned locals who said the dogs appeared distressed while left in the car. The afternoon was a warm one. She said that that people fed ice-cubes through an open window to the dogs. A number of local people then gathered when the woman returned and a heated exchange took place.

She wrote that people "became increasing concerned for the welfare of a number of dogs left in a blacked out SUV, the dogs were becoming increasing distressed barking and crying...

"They first looked to see who might own the car, then started to put ice cubes through (roughly an inch gap) one open window, they then called me.., I advised them to call the police and the RSPCA, which they did. I then called a friend who lives nearby to go and check (she stayed on the phone whilst walking to the location) I could hear through the phone dogs barking and whining."

She then called the police and the dog warden who arrived on the scene about forty minutes later.

The dog warden said that he is aware of allegations relating to dogs being boarded. A licence is required if anyone is boarding cats and dogs commercially though not for dog-walking.

He said he had approached an individual who had denied involvement in commercial boarding but had confirmed that they are a dog walker.

"However, for us to be able to act under the legislation (e.g. to prosecute for non-compliance) we would need evidence to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. I have no such evidence and only 'hearsay' reports and allegations.

"I am unaware of any advertising or other material that would lend support to the case that dogs are being boarded at this location."

He said a local person had come forward by phone/email that claimed to be the owner of a dog kept in such a manner but would not provide a statement.


August 19, 2017

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