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Recent meeting with Hounslow Council to discuss future of recreational area


Petition To 'Save' Dukes Meadows From Council Plans

Dukes Meadows Wins Parks Award

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After the terrific public support at the Area Committee meeting in September Dukes Meadows Trust continues its work to maintain the meadows and is hoping for a more positive and constructive relationship with the council.

Volunteers are seen here just finishing pruning the hedge along Riverside Drive, which was planted 4 years ago. The trust organises a volunteer day every other Sunday and maintains the trees and hedges it planted and the shrubs and trees in the play area the trust built. The council cuts the grass and empties the bins, but all other maintenance is done by the trust.

Kathleen Healy said; "The officers who attended the meeting had little to say on the mooted plan, but we met the new Head of Park, Stefania Horne, for the first time and she seems keen to work with us. We have shared with her the management plan we helped create 8 years ago, much of which has been completed with funds we raised, we also made her aware of the council's transport and access plan, which they drew up around 6 years ago.

"We remain unconvinced that a new plan is needed, just better stewardship of the area and investment in its infrastructure. The roads are breaking up and entrances and signage in need of improving. We do as much as we can, but some jobs such as pruning the older hedges around the Bowling Green and pruning the mature trees are beyond us. Dukes Meadows is a fantastic centre for formal and informal leisure; it offers just about every sport played in London, has two lovely play areas, a riverside walk, Sunday Market and open areas for informal games of football or flying kites. The low status and allocation of council resources it currently has doesn't make sense. We look forward to working with the council to build on what has been achieved over the last 10 years.
New members and volunteers are welcome; details are on our website;


Petition To Help 'Save' Dukes Meadows From Council Plans




October 9, 2015

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