Campaign for Noise Reduction on the A4

Grove Park residents receive far reaching support for their campaign against traffic noise pollution from A4/M4

Local MP, Ann Keen (pictured left) has expressed her full support to the residents of Grove Park in their bid to reduce levels of noise pollution caused by the A4/M4 running close to their homes. Residents contacted Ann Keen MP in early January of this year, asking her to support their campaign to put in place noise reduction measures.

She told us “When approached by constituents on this issue I was happy to make representation to the Department of Transport and Transport for London. A petition was discussed and my office provided a structure. I am pleased to have now received the completed petition, which I will be presenting to a government Minister at the Department for Transport. I will continue to support and work with Wolseley Gardens and I very much hope that we will be able to reach a satisfactory conclusion. I remain committed to this issue and fully understand the concerns of residents.”

She has been in contact with Transport for London who have responded in generally positive terms, however residents are now concerned by Tfl’s comment that the noise reduction barriers that are seeking "may be impracticable on existing roads".

Local Councillor, Paul Lynch, has confirmed his support for their campaign as has Hounslow’s CIP who manage all the borough's parks including the one between Wolseley Gardens and the A4/M4.

The residents group have gathered evidence of many instances of barriers built in Europe on pre-existing roads in comparable situations, where the noise problem is less severe and the numbers of people affected very much fewer than Grove Park. They warned that if Tfl try to ‘brush them off with technicalities’ they will have a real fight on their hands and are prepared to commence legal proceedings should the need arise.

One campaigner recently had the fortune to be in audience with Ken Livingstone (responsible for TfL) and took the opportunity to raise the issue of noise pollution with him. The Mayor expressed genuine sympathy for people in this position and revealed that he also suffers from a degree of noise problems at his London home, although in his case the problem centres on the nocturnal habits of his Australian neighbours!

On a more helpful note he did reveal that he is shortly to publish a study document entitled the "Mayor's London Ambient Noise Strategy", which will address how life could be made less unpleasant for Londoners suffering in the way those do in Wolseley Gardens. A draft version of this strategy has been published and residents are being consulted on their views on noise. The Mayor will be answering questions on this site about matters concerning Chiswick later this month and will be addressing the issue of noise on the A4.

Dr Richard Sanders, a specialist in the environmental effects of economic development at Northampton University, who is advising the campaigners, has written to Tfl stating "Chiswick is an especially attractive place to live for all sorts of reasons. Its greatest drawback is that the busiest road in Europe slices straight through its heart. The time has come to tame the beast".

Campaigners sincerely hope that TfL take note of their plight, so that public funds can be spent on environmental protection measures, rather than fighting legal challenges.

March 19, 2003

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