The William Hogarth Adult Education Centre Unveils £30,000 Refurbishment

Chiswick’s Adult Education programme has been enhanced with an overhaul of the facilities at The William Hogarth Centre. A grant of £30,000 was awarded by the recently formed Learning Skills Council marking the first capital investment in Adult Education in the area.

The centre was opened by Bob Garnett, Corporate Director of Lifelong Learning for LBH and Anne Amstrong, Principal Officer for Community Education. Both were elated with the result of the investment and spoke about the importance of the centre in the community.

Students too were overjoyed with the improved amenities which include redecoration, new kitchen and toilets, better-quality storage facilities and generally more space.

In addition to the established courses, a new curriculum office for English as a Foreign Language has also been provided.

Further information on Adult Education at both the William Hogarth Centre and Chiswick Community School can be found in the Courses section on this web-site.

January 29, 2003

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