Council Committee refer plans back for further consultation

Sphinx in Chiswick House Grounds
Pic. Vanilla White

At a recent Hounslow Council Sustainable Development Committee, the CIP planning application for a Plant (Garden) Centre in the works yard and extending into the overgrown wilderness area of the walled garden was unanimously referred back to the planning department. CIP, who were making the application, have been asked to conduct detailed consultation with interested parties such as English Heritage, the Garden History Society and the Friends of Chiswick House, and to re-present it.

Drawings of the proposal were on display, and Andrew Life, a CIP landscape architect, presented the arguments in favour of the application, stating that all that was being sought was a 2-year temporary consent to see if the idea would be successful.

CIP, who manage the grounds on behalf of English Heritage and London Borough of Hounslow, wish to create a 'heritage plant centre' within the existing vacant nursery area. The centre would specialise in plants with historic connections to Chiswick House, specimen plants, and plants requiring unusual growing conditions. They say it is not intended to use the area as a general 'garden centre', but to sell plants particularly with a historic connection with Chiswick House.

For Chiswick House Friends, Robert Shaw then explained that the Friends supported the concept of plant sales - for which a precedent existed from some years ago. This would encourage the gardening staff, benefit Chiswick and other borough gardens, and generate income. However, there had been little to no consultation before the application was submitted and there were a number of aspects including access, parking, size, phasing and the future of the overgrown walled garden area that must be addressed in any final scheme. Martin Daly, a local resident also spoke, raising concerns about traffic and vehicle deliveries.

November 6, 2002

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Plans for "Garden Centre" in Chiswick House Grounds

Friends of Chiswick House