LOCAL ISSUES - Chiswick West

Letter drafted by Michael Quinn a local resident


Ian Draper
Planning Officer
The Civic Centre
Lampton Road
Middx TW3 4DN




* I am amazed that Hounslow Council will even entertain a proposed 10 storey development near residential streets never mind a 30 storey tower on the Chiswick High Road, which contradicts what Hounslow is trying to achieve in their Unitary Development Plan; which is to enhance the character of areas.

* After reading the planning application in some depth I detail below where I consider that it contravenes Hounslow's Unitary Development Plan.

* Unitary Development Plan 2001.

P1/012, 5.4 (p.29)

This provision states that polices and proposals in the UDP are targeted at improving social infrastructure, community facilities and raising the quality of life for residents. The proposed Chiswick West Development does not improve social infrastructure or raise the quality of life for residents, in fact it has the reverse effect.

C/025, C.5 (p.36)

To provide and facilitate the provision of sports and leisure facilities, which are accessible to all members of the community. Having read the plans the proposed health club and restaurant are to be for the use of hotel guests and residents of the Chiswick West Development, hardly all members of the community.

T1 (p.37)

To promote sustainable development within the Borough through integrating transport and land use polices in order to reduce the need to travel.
How can a 104-room hotel, a 10-storey block etc reduce travelling in the borough? It will not, it will only increase traffic congestion on the Chiswick High Road which already suffers from very bad traffic congestion.

T5 (p.37)

To create a safe, healthy and pleasant environment, particularly in respect to air quality, by promoting measures, which seek to minimise the impact of traffic on the environment. The developers have stated within their application that concentrations of nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, benzene, 1,3 - butadiene and PM10 were predicted at two properties near the development site. This is hardly a safe, healthy and pleasant environment in fact it is potentially lethal and I will address this point latter in my letter.

IMP/006 (p.47)

This provision states that all new developments should contribute to improving the natural and built environment for the benefit of all those who live, work and visit the Borough. Perhaps the developers can explain how the Chiswick West Development meets the criteria of this clause.

IMP/037 (p.62)

This provision states that applicants will need to demonstrate in areas, that proposed developments are sustainable. It is quite obvious with the completion of the Chiswick Business Park and other office developments currently being undertaken a further development the size of Chiswick West could not be sustained by the infrastructure to the area no matter what improvements the developers consider that they can achieve. In fact Gunnersbury station could potentially become a death trap with the number of people, which would utilise it.

IMP.6.1 (iii) (p.67)

The provision of buildings and / or facilities to satisfy the need for additional educational resources which the development may generate. Could the developers please explain how they meet this clause as the local schools are already oversubscribed?

IMP6.1 (vii) (p.37)

The provision of childcare and play space facilities. Where do the developers consider that the children of those people living in this development play considering that Hounslow already regard this area of Chiswick to be suffering from public open space deficiency (See Map ENV-N1 contained within the UDP).

6.4 ENV-B-2 (p.77)

To protect and enhance the built environment from the adverse implications of development. The proposed development for Chiswick West definitely does not meet the requirements of this clause.

ENV.B/002 (A1)

Relates well to its site and the scale, nature, height, massing, (p.105) character and use of the adjacent townscape. The only way the Chiswick West Development could meet the requirements of this clause was if it was built in Canary Wharf and not Chiswick.

ENV.B/002 (A2)

Respect the proportion of existing neighbouring buildings. (p. 105) The proposed development is out of proportion to the surrounding residential dwellings.

ENV.B/003 (A5)

Ensure adequate daylight and sunlight reaches adjoining (p.105) properties and minimise any detrimental impact of adjoining properties. The proposed development will cut out natural light and sunlight to my property and it in no way minimises any detrimental impact on my property in fact the proposed development has a major detrimental impact on my property.

Furthermore the developers even state within Section 8.07 of their planning application that the new office development will effect the daylight to properties in Silver Crescent. However the developers consider this is what people should suffer in what they consider to be benefits afforded by the comprehensive redevelopment of the site. I would be grateful if someone could outline the benefits to myself.

ENV.B/008 (B)

New development and the uses being proposed should respect
(p.106) the local environment and community. The proposed development does not respect the local community and environment but has a detrimental effect to the local community and environment.

ENV.B/017 (p.107)

This provision states that planning permission will normally be refused for the erection of buildings which significantly exceed the height of their surroundings in or where it would result in significant harm to residential areas. On this provision alone Hounslow Council should reject the planning application for Chiswick West.

ENV.B018, 5.4

This provision states that Hounslow is characterised by low rise (p.108) development of 2 and 3 story residential properties, with many of the taller buildings being out of character and in order to maintain the character of Hounslow, it is considered that high buildings are inappropriate.
On the basis of this provision Hounslow should reject planning permission for Chiswick West.

ENV.B/021 (p.111)

States that any new development should be designed to create a safe and secure environment and reduce the opportunity for crime. In light of the disaster on the 11th September in New York, how does building a 30-storey tower in a residential area so close to Heathrow Airport create a safe and secure environment?

ENV.B022 (p.111)

To protect and enhance the built environment from the adverse implications of developments, particularly views. The building
of Chiswick West which overlooks residential dwellings does not meet the requirements of this provision.

ENV.P1.7 (p.140)

The plans of the Chiswick West Development are not very detailed therefore please advise if the effect of lighting the proposed development has been analysed as in my opinion the lighting of these buildings will be intrusive to dwellings in the immediate vicinity of the proposed development.

ENV.P/024 (p.145)

States that all residential developments above 19 units require communal recycling facilities. I did not see anything in the Chiswick West planning application referring to this requirement.

POLICY E.4.2 (P.169)

States that all significant developments will be expected to provide or make a contribution towards workplace nurseries, crèches or any other childcare facilities. I did not see anything in the Chiswick West planning application meeting the requirements of this clause.

POLICY E.5.1 (P.169)

This policy refers to proposals for new hotels and states the density of schemes are to be sympathetic in design terms to the surrounding area and that there is no significant disturbance to the neighbouring area in terms of traffic and parking. The provision of a hotel at Chiswick West does not meet the requirements of this clause.

H/024 (p.182)

This provision states that the Council expects 50% of all new units to be affordable housing. Chiswick West Development does not meet this requirement.

POLICY H.4.4 (P.192)

This provision states that the Council will normally require that children's formal and informal play space is provided which is reasonably related to the scale of the proposed residential development.
I did not see anything in the Chiswick West planning application meeting the requirements of this clause.

POLICY C.3.2 (P.212)

This provision refers to new health facilities and stases that the proposal should not have a detrimental effect on local amenity, e.g. an increase in traffic, car parking or noise. By proposing a health care centre and office block at the top of Silver Crescent with the entrance to the premises in Silver Crescent and traffic lights being installed at the top of Silver Crescent, it would seem quite obvious that this development has a major detrimental effect on local amenity.

T/009 (P.251)

This provision states that planning permission will not be granted should the level of current or planned public transport accessibility and / or the impact on traffic congestion and the environment be considered considerable. On the basis of this provision planning permission should not be granted as the impact on traffic congestion and the environment would be considerable if Chiswick West Development was allowed to proceed.

APPENDIX 1, 2.1.1

This appendix states that many parts of Hounslow already suffer from a poor acoustic environment and because the ambient noise level of an area already exceeds national or international criteria it should not be regarded as a licence for allowing even more noise. This provision also states it is the aim of Hounslow Council to reduce as far as practicable noise from sources over which it has some control. The council has a considerable amount of control in deducing noise due to the Chiswick West Development, refuse planning permission.


The development does not adhere to this provision in so far as it states that a distance of at least 21 meters is recommended between the windows of premises that give light and outlook to rooms normally occupied during the day. The proposed development on Silver Crescent is not 21 meters from residential dwellings.


The developer of Chiswick West does not intend to allocate any car parking spaces for the affordable housing units, which contravenes Hounslow's proposed standards as set out in Appendix 4.

In addition to the above where I consider that the planning application does not
Meet the requirements of the UDP I also wish to raise the following points.

i) Clause 2.7, page 9 of the UDP refers to the Regional Planning Guidance for the South East, which sets out that one of the key objectives for the region is, sustainable development and environmental improvement, one can hardly say that this applies to the proposed development of Chiswick West.

ii) As stated within the UDP The London Planning Advisory Committee has drawn up strategic planning advise for London with two of its visions of London being
a. a good quality of life
b. a sustainable future
The Chiswick West Development does nothing to meet these visions in fact it will reduce the quality of life to the local residents.

iii) The West London Transport Strategy, which has been drawn up and adopted by West London Leadership of which Hounslow is a part, states one of its aims is to reduce and ultimately eliminate road traffic congestion.
Obviously this is at variance to the development of Chiswick West, which will increase road traffic congestion

4) I do not consider that the plans are in sufficient detail so as the full extent of the Chiswick West Development can be assessed.

Having read the planning application in some detail I would also raise the following points in relation to the various sections within the planning application.

Section 4 - Environmental Impact Analysis

The noise / vibration study carried out by the developers states it will be necessary to provide double glazing to residential apartments, the hotel and offices due to traffic noise. I trust that the developers will extend this provision to neighbouring dwellings so as we are not force to endure the noise generated by this development.

Section 8.10 - Wind Analysis

The University of Bristol states that the vertical recesses in the 30-storey tower are capable of causing significant wind related nuisance to pedestrians at ground level a situation that I think the council would agree is unacceptable.

Section 8.11 - Air Quality

As advised previously within this letter the developers have stated that concentrations of nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, benzene. 1,3 - butadiene and PM10 were predicted at two properties near the proposed development site.
Using the developer's own words I summarise below the effect of the foregoing toxins

i) Nitrogen dioxide - Effects of exposure to nitrogen dioxide can be chronic and / or acute.
ii) Carbon monoxide - Can cause acute poisoning of the haemoglobin in blood which in turn leads to an increasing inability to supply oxygen to maintain the biochemical progresses of the bodies cells. Very high levels of carbon monoxide in the blood stream can cause permanent brain damage or death.

Finally within the planning application there is a section attempting to justify how the proposed Chiswick west Development meets the requirements of the UDP in fact it states :

"The proposal has been examined against prevailing and emerging policies and it is concluded that it is broadly consistent with these policies."

It is quite obvious that the proposal is not consistent with prevailing and emerging planning policies and therefore should be rejected.


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