Councillors on the Chiswick Area Committee voted on 3rd Jan that enforcement action be taken against the Caffe Nero at 192 Chiswick High Road because they did not have the necessary planning permission to open. The Council will now serve an Enforcement Notice on the coffee shop.

Chair of the planning committee Peter Thompson said: " We felt that it was wrong of them to by-pass the planning process. Moreover if no action is taken now in 10 years time these properties would be deemed to have A3 consent (needed for restaurants etc) and could be converted into pubs or restaurants without them needing any planning permission at all. This could have serious consequences for the High Road and for local residents."


Hairdresser to coffee shop - no change of use at 192 High Road?

Organisations such as Starbucks, Caffe Nero & Coffee Republic (among others) have consistent claimed that the use of their premises does not require planning permission, arguing that no material change of use has occurred.

The decision does not necessarily mean the immediate closure of Caffe Nero and other coffee shops. Adam Beamish, Principal Planning Enforcement Officer of Hounslow Council, wrote on the ChiswickW4.com forum: "I'm sure Caffe Nero would appeal against this & the matter would ultimately be determined by the Planning Inspectorate. This is our 'test case' and if we won the appeal we would then review other premises."


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