As reports of missing mail increase, Consignia is forced to investigate

Chiswick's 'Bermuda Triangle' of missing mail was featured tonight in the BBC Watchdog programme. Three local residents described their missing post experiences: a mere subset of the huge number of you that have posted their missing mail miseries on the forum.

Consignia, soon to be renamed the Post Office, declined to appear on the programme but emailed Watchdog to promise that they would be mounting a thorough investigation of the problem.

Chiswick Police have stated on the matter, "In cases where an expected postal item fails to be delivered & the sender has confirmed its dispatch, please report the matter by calling the Post Office Customer Service Line on 08457 740740. Where appropriate, they will pass details to the Post Office Investigation Team. Should anyone have evidence of mail being stolen, they should report the matter to local police on 8577 1212."

You can also complain about problems with the mail to the official postal service watchdog, Postwatch by e-mailing them.

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28 March 2002