Simply Not Cricket!

Vandals have broken into the cricket pavilion at Chiswick House yet again - this time destroying a door, music centre and crockery. Amongst items stolen were 20 new cricket balls most of which are made by Dukes and marked ‘Thames Valley Cricket League’. This latest incident is one in a string of attacks and misuse of both the pavilion building and cricket pitch. Responsibility for the building lies with Hounslow Council whilst the pitch comes under Hounslow’s Community In Partnership (CIP) jurisdiction. Budget constraints are blamed for the lack of maintenance and absence of any form of security.

Chiswick and Latymer Cricket Club who play at Chiswick House, consists of over 200 members and 150 Colts (junior members aged 8-16) making it the largest in this area. They have been campaigning hard for proper maintenance of their grounds and pavilion and fear that if their condition worsens, cricket may disappear from the grounds. This is a sorry decline from the time that deck chairs sat three rows deep and were hired out at cost to the hundreds of spectators.

If you have a passion for cricket, be it as a player, umpire, scorer or supporter or you have a child aged between 8 -16 who would like to become a Colt please get in touch with Graham Hall of Chiswick & Latymer CC on Tel 020 8940 0335.

If you are offered any of the items that have been reported stolen, please contact Chiswick Police.

January 15, 2003

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