Graffiti Bridge gets a clean up

As other organisations quibble over responsibility Hounslow Council get the job done


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A veritable victory has been claimed by residents campaigning to rid the pedestrian bridge at Chiswick Park Tube station of its unsightly and offensive graffiti.

Last week, when Metronet, Hounslow Council and Ealing Council were still deliberating who was responsible for the bridge (it sits on Council boundaries), Hounslow Council sent out a team of Graffiti Cleansers to rid the community of this eyesore. The issue was highlighted in an article on detailing how local residents like Robin Cox, a member of the West Chiswick and Gunnersbury Society had found it impossible to get anybody to admit responsibility for maintaining the bridge in an acceptable state.

Alan Smith, Senior Community Environment Officer at Hounslow Council told "Protecting the street-scene and enhancing the local environment is a key priority for Hounslow, which was why we took the proactive decision to remove the graffiti as it was an eyesore, despite the fact that we are still in discussion with the London Borough of Ealing and London Underground regarding responsibility for the bridge."

It is hoped that Hounslow’s lead in this matter will encourage other authorities to accept responsibility for property maintenance, when and where appropriate.



September 17, 2003