Councillors to Consult on Consultation

Committee to seek funding for implementation of Grove Park CPZ

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Grove Park CPZ to be rejected - after consultation shows majority of residents against



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The possibility of a CPZ for Grove Park moved a stage closer last night after the Chiswick Area Monitoring Committee agreed to look at funding for the implementation of a scheme.

Councillors decided that before a second consultation could take place, funding for the scheme should be at least ear marked so as "not to raise residents' expectations".

Residents of Elmwood Road and the surrounding areas requested that a second consultation after they felt commuter parking in this area had worsened. The initial consultation carried out in 2005 showed that whilst Elmwood Road and some surrounding streets indicated support for a CPZ, the majority response from the consultation area was against the proposals and, consequently, the
CPZ was not progressed.

However, residents claim that this result was due to the fact that the area consulted was too large and asked that the questions be rephrased to "Would you like a CPZ in your road?" and "Would you like a CPZ in your road if your neighbouring roads have one?"

Following a presentation from Hounslow's Head of Transport, Nick Woods, who stated that "CPZ's improve the road safety of an area" and "keeps dropped curbs and junctions clear from cars", the consultation was welcomed by the majority of the committee.

The transport report noted a "high level of daytime on-street parking in this and surrounding roads. Very few of the properties in the area have off-street parking available and consequently the demand for residents’ on-street parking is high, but this manifests itself in the evenings and at weekends. The high levels of daytime parking are indicative of a degree of commuter
parking in these roads."

Cllr Felicity Barwood warned that with the ongoing expansion of Chiswick Business Park, the situation could worsen and added that the parking situation around Chiswick Mainline Station was "so dangerous" that Police had taken to patrolling the area.

Cllr Peter Thompson said "We told residents two years ago that we would review the situation which has clearly deteriorated. They deserve a second chance at a consultation."

Residents have requested a CPZ that operates for a short duration in the day similar to the nearby Stile Hall Area CPZ that operates from 10 am to 12 noon, Monday to Friday. The reduced hours would equate to a reduction in the price of a parking permit.

Funding for the possible introduction of a 20mph zone to the west of Sutton Court Road has already been secured from Transport for London and there are funds available to carry out a consultation. However, until funding can be found for the implementation of a scheme, Councillors decided not to vote on if the consultation should be carried out at this time.

It is expected that a decision will be made at the next Chiswick Area Monitoring Committee scheduled for 31st October.

September 13, 2007