Well known local criminal believed to be responsible

Have you seen this person in Chiswick?

Police have released a photo of the person they believe to be responsible for over a thousand pounds worth of damage to Hogarth's statue.

He has been seen in the vicinity of the High Road conspicuously carrying a brush and has been behind a spate of bin related crimes in the Chiswick area over the past few years.

Other distinguishing features are a highly annoying laugh and being one of the few Chiswick residents who doesn't appear on TV much these days.

Police advise that he is not dangerous in any way and should be approached with no caution whatsoever.

This is not the first time this particular individual has had a brush with the law - (boom boom!)

Where's my pint?

On the evening of the 22nd June the statue was attacked and somehow the bronze brush was detached from the artist's right hand. If for some reason you believe someone else might be responsible contact Chiswick police station.

Brushless or not a birthday party is being held for Hogarth on the 8th November. This highly successful event is usually a sell out so if you would like to reserve tickets phone 8994 9013.

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