Home of Attorney General's Employee Raided

Border Agency break down the door of housekeeper's Chiswick home

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UK Border Agency Staff yesterday raided the Chiswick home of the housekeeper of the Attorney General. They reportedly broke down the door and searched the property for two hours before leaving with some documents.

Attorney General Patricia Scotland has been employing an illegal immigrant to look after her Chiswick home. According to news reports, Baroness Scotland has been paying Tonga born Loloahi Tapui to be her housekeeper for the past six months.

Although she denies any knowledge of Miss Tapui's status, even unknowingly employing an illegal immigrant means that the Baroness could theoretically be prosecuted and could face a £10,000 fine ironically under legislation that she helped steer through Parliament as a Home Office minister in 2006.

Miss Tapui admitted she had overstayed her visa she was granted as a student and was working illegally although she did pay tax and National Insurance on her wages.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Baroness Scotland said the Attorney General 'saw documents which led her to believe that Miss Tapui was entitled to work in this country' when she hired her adding "Baroness Scotland has never knowingly employed an illegal immigrant."

Miss Tapui was dismissed from her role as housekeeper with immediate effect.

September 20, 2009